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Firmstrong Urban Stretch Men 26"- 1 spd

Firmstrong Urban Stretch Men 26"- 1 spd


Frame Color: Chrome

The Urban Stretch is a men’s chopper style beach cruiser with a stretched frame and forward pedaling design.  The high spoke count rims and springer fork front end make it a true lowrider cruiser.  The Stretch has something other bikes don’t, a feeling, an aura it gives off, it’s the right amount of chrome mixed with the right amount of simplicity.

The Urban Stretch is simple to ride, it is a single speed bike with a coaster brake, it doesn’t get any easier; one gear, one brake.  There are no cables hanging off the bike or complicated gear systems, the brake engages by simply pedaling backwards.  This braking system is a coaster brake, just like the original beach cruisers.  The overall theme of this bike is simplicity, it rolls smooth and effortlessly without complicated design or technology.  The wide cruiser bike tires and cushy cruiser bicycle saddle make the ride soft and relaxing because the seat and tires will absorb most of the shock from bumps along the bike ride.  The effort required to get this bike rolling is minimal, the pedals are easy to turn so the rider won’t be exhausted from a casual bike ride.  Stick to the flat land on the Urban Stretch, the stretched frame and forward pedaling design make it ideal for those flat land, casual rides.